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European Trip Calculator

Discover the cost of your vacation to Europe

How much does a trip to Europe cost?
Calculate your Europe vacation cost and plan your trip with Triptile™
Planning your vacation to Europe, especially for the first time, can be daunting. Firstly, you need to decide on a destination (or a few) that you would like to visit. You then need to research and come up with a list of attractions that you wouldn't want to miss. Once you have your vision, you must decide on accommodation and where you would like to be eating every day. Lastly, it gets even more complicated (or easier, depending on how you look at it) if you are traveling to Europe on a budget. If you have a strict spending limit in mind, you must carefully consider all travel aspects and use our Europe trip cost calculator to find out if you're on the right track. Depending on your travel budget, you might need to cut costs and stay at a lower category hotel or swap croissants at the fancy cafe to the ones from your local bakery. Let's get our calculators out!

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Europe Trip Budget Calculator

Find out how much will your Europe trip cost from USA using our budget planner

What are the cheapest cities in Europe?

Some of the cheapest destinations in Europe are located in the Balkan Peninsula and Eastern Europe. The cheapest cities and countries to visit in Europe would be:

  1. Graz, Austria
  2. Ljubljana, Slovenia
  3. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic
  4. Sofija, Bulgaria
  5. Tirana, Albania
  6. Krakow, Poland
  7. Bucharest, Romania
  8. Belgrade, Serbia
  9. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina
  10. Bratislava, Slovakia
  11. Riga, Latvia
  12. Istanbul, Turkey
  13. Chișinău, Moldova
  14. Athens, Greece
  15. Zagreb, Croatia

Hence, the cheapest countries to visit in Europe are Post-Soviet states, including Moldova, Latvia, and other countries like Slovakia, Turkey, Croatia, Bosnia, and Hercegovina.

Start planning your vacation to these beautiful yet inexpensive destinations and discover a cheap way to travel Europe. By the way, if to travel Europe cheap is your main priority, watch out this space for new updates on Triptile and expanded list of budget activities and hotels.

How to plan a budget trip to Europe?

If you plan to travel to Europe on a budget, then you need to consider a few main factors of your vacation.

▶ What is the duration of your trip?
▶ Which destinations are you visiting?
▶ Which category of accommodation will you choose?
▶ Where are you planning to eat?
▶ What activities are you looking for?
▶ When are you planning to travel?
▶ Are you traveling alone?
▶ How far in advance are you planning this trip?

Europe on a budget can mean completely different things to different types of travelers. Some would consider that eating every meal but staying at a 4-star hotel instead of a 5-star is still on a budget. Other travelers would insist on only 3-star and hostel accommodation to stay on a budget. Hence, it boils down to each budget.

But we believe that it's possible to have an awesome vacation to Europe on any budget. For example, spending 10 days in Europe on a budget will be relatively easy if you go during the off-season and choose one of the cheapest destinations for your trip. In such way, your Europe trip budget could be only up to 300 euros. Yes, that is a very rough calculation, which only consists of sightseeing on your own, buying food from supermarkets, and low category accommodation.

Another critical thing to mention is that you should be planning in advance if you have a stricter Europe tour budget. It is the best piece of advice we can give you, and if you follow it, you can save hundreds of dollars, euros or any other currency that you value. We always recommend planning at least a couple of months before departure. However, if you are going on holiday travel like Northern Lights or Christmas markets, we strongly suggest booking your flights, accommodation, and activities about 6-month prior to your trip.

Let's recap and wrap up! The best way you could be traveling to Europe on a budget is by choosing a low-cost destination, booking far in advance, and choosing the least popular time for tourism.

What is an average cost of a trip to Europe?

How much does it cost to travel Europe? What's the family trip to Europe cost? These are the questions usually asked by someone who lives outside the continent and would like to visit here for the first time. While Europeans understand that there's no straightforward answer to these questions, global travelers are still looking for some guidance. Therefore, we are here to help you know what cost of Europe trip you can anticipate of your

As we mentioned above, a lot depends on your chosen destination. If you pick something from the non-mainstream list, you will save a pretty penny. But usually, first-time European travelers want to explore more iconic countries, like Italy, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, or the most visited of all - France. Since chances are high, you are considering these popular destinations for your trip, let's calculate the average price of your holiday in France.

The average cost of your European vacation also depends on the duration of your trip. If you are coming from the USA, you're likely not spending that much money on flight tickets for only a week, so let's imagine your holiday is 2-week long.

We know now that you are traveling to France for two weeks, but for Europe trip cost calculator to be accurate, we also need to learn about your travel style. Which end of travel scale from budget to luxury do you fall into? If you are in your 20-30s, you might need that high level of comfort, but if you're older, you are leaning towards the luxury end of the scale, and that's completely understandable. So, let's meet somewhere in the middle, also known as a mid-range travel style.

Mid-range accommodation for 14 nights in Paris will cost you around 1,500 euros (750 euros per person) if you travel during the offseason. You would also need to eat on holiday, are we right? In Paris lunch costs around 15 euros on average, that means you will need to allocate 210 euros for lunch for those two weeks. Dinner is another 30 euros roughly - making your two-week spendings climb over the mark of 1,380 euros. We're not sure if you are still hungry for breakfast at this point, but let's include that. If you would like to start your day the Parisian way, coffee and croissant would come to 5 euro total on average, making your holiday spending - 1,450 euros.

To answer 'How much does a trip to Europe cost?' (or in our case - Paris) we need to consider what you are planning on doing during your holidays. If you would like to explore museums, we always advise looking for special passes rolled out by tourism organizations. For instance, in Paris, you can have a free pass to over 50 museums for six days and pay only 78 euros. So let's add that to the average cost of Europe trip and allocate another 100 euros for fun activities like air balloon ride or cruise in the Seine. Our total of two weeks in Paris is 1,628 euros. Still, we didn't consider the transportation, and for a mid-range traveler using the well-developed metro system wouldn't be a problem, so that's another 50 euros roughly.

After considering activities, accommodation, transportation, and every lunch break, we can state that the average cost of a trip to Europe could arguably be 1,678 euros. The accuracy depends on many factors, and each traveler should attempt to calculate their cost of Europe trip for themselves. However, the key to saving money is careful planning, so if you need assistance on that, make sure to reach out to our team of travel experts.

What are the most expensive countries in Europe?

If you have seen our list of the cheapest cities in Europe, you might be intrigued to learn which destinations take up positions at the other end of the scale. There's no surprise that Switzerland is the most expensive country in Europe, with average daily spending at €182.63 (according to Travel Cost Index). The second position goes to France, which offers cheaper travel than Switzerland (by almost 50 cents) and is followed by the United Kingdom, standing firmly at €173.90 per day. The list goes on with not many unexpected twists and turns:

▶ Monaco - €168.46
▶ Liechtenstein - €168.43
▶ Malta - €167.19
▶ Denmark - €161.30 (The only of the Scandinavian countries to make it in the top ten!)
▶ Luxembourg - €147.18
Iceland - €137.22
▶ Andorra - €131.51

These are the most expensive countries in Europe to visit for your trip, so crack your piggy bank and explore these stunning destinations.

How much money you should allocate for your trip to Europe?

One of the most asked questions of all time in regards to traveling in Europe is how much money you should bring or allocate for your trip. Scroll up to find a detailed calculation for a two-week trip to France (Paris), which came to roughly 1,700 euros for a mid-range journey, not including flights.

If you plan a more extended vacation and need to know how 3 weeks in Europe budget look like, we'd say you're looking at spending about 850 per week, making it 2,550 euros total.

If you plan to stay only for seven days, you need to know how much does a trip to Europe cost for a week, if you go to France or any other popular destination your budget should start at 850 euros. However, if you choose a less popular destination and less popular time of the year, you could save a few hundred euros. This would apply for the following calculations:

▶ 1-month Europe trip cost - ±3,400 euros
▶ 3 -month Europe trip budget -±10,200 euros
▶ 2-week Europe trip cost - ±1,700 euros

To quickly recap, if you are traveling to Europe, you are looking at spending around 120 euros per day on average. However, once you have your itinerary in place (try using our convenient tour builder), you will have a tailored and accurate answer to the ever-relevant question - how much to budget per day in Europe.

What are some popular destinations for a Europe trip?

A Europe trip offers a plethora of incredible destinations to explore. You can consider taking an Italy trip, known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine. France trip is another great option, with iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, charming cities like Paris, and the beautiful French Riviera. Greece trip is renowned for its ancient ruins, picturesque islands like Santorini and Mykonos, and vibrant Mediterranean culture. These countries offer unique experiences and attractions, making them excellent choices for your Europe adventure.

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